Thursday, July 16, 2009

Facebook Fan Box Cycler for your page

Do you like Facebook Fan Box? Do you want to put it on your web page? Me too.

What if you want to put more Fan Boxes in your page? There is a problem.

But it can be solved if you use simple script called Facebook Fan Box Cycler (FFBC). It will cycle your Facebook Pages every time when the web page is reloaded. You can try it. Just refresh this page and look at the sidebar.

Download Facebook Fan Box Cycler

Facebook Fan Box Cycler is simple script that can be put on your webpage. You can download it here and use it for free.

You just need to change list of your favourite Facebook Pages. They are listed in the array of numbers. Look at the line with "blogPages" and change numbers to IDs of you Pages.

How to find Facebook Page ID?

It's easy. Open some Facebook Page in your browser. Look at small box with fan photos. There is link named "See All" above. Move your mouse over this link, browser displays the URL below in its status bar, it should look similar to this

The last long number in the URL (in this case 20950654496) is Page ID. Just collect IDs of your pages, write them into Facebook Fan Box Cycler script and put whole code into your web page. You can change the box size if you want.

Enjoy. Now you have fully functional cycler of Facebook Fan Boxes.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Can You Pass the Acid test?

Everyone is concerned about Acid test today. Let's see Can You Pass the Acid Test? poster.

Look at symbolism of the poster. Ian's left hand is in buddha's meditative position and his right hand shows FIVE fingers, which is very secter number of Ian's favourite HTML version.

It's fake, of course. The original Can You Pass the Acid Test? poster with Allen Ginsberg I have found on Saturday in La Fabrica club (Prague, Czech Republic).

You can check Wikipedia Acid Tests page to understand what does the phrase Can You Pass The Acid Test? really mean.

Thanks David Majda for taking the picture and Petr Krcmar for poster hixification.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Problem of ICT logo

The Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague is my Alma mater. It had nice logo with Adamantane, but several years ago it was changed. New logo is modern, more progressive, easy to understand etc. There is only one problem.

Strip about ICT logo problem

There is also Czech version.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

HTML5 trailer - Find your Hero

Have you ever heard about HTML5? Well, it is not movie, it is new version of HTML, but it doesn't matter, here is the HTML5 trailer.

There is also QuickTime version (32MB).

I would like to thank Adam Hauner, David Majda, Pavel Cvrcek and others for their help and support with this trailer and also people from W3C and WHATWG for hope that HTML5 will come one day.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ideal Document Format

There was a lot of discussion about OpenDocument and Open XML formats in the Czech Republic. You can find some on blogs of Pavel Janík and Jirka Kosek.

I still think that none of them is really necessary, because I have created my own format, which is 100% better. Its documentation is very short to prevent Linux fans from criticism of its size.

Documentation of my Ideal Document Format (IDF) consists of five rules:
  1. Document content is in plaintext and in the most suitable encoding of your OS. This has to satisfy everyone.
  2. The whole document content is inserted as Base64 inside a <document> </document> element, so it becomes XML. And XML is a buzzworld, XML is cool, so it MUST be XML.
  3. Don't forget to pack it as a ZIP file. It becomes small even for slow networks.
  4. Concerning special formats: Dates in the document are in the format which is used on the noticeboard by Mrs. Kotas from our 1st floor. If you are not familiar with it, you should come and find out yourself.
  5. The file suffix is *.ibm. No, it doesn't mean ANY company name (we would be accused of being financially influenced if it does). It stands for Ideal Buzzword Metaformat.
Well, this is IDF. Let's vote for it as an international standard. It's said even stupid format could be proposed as a standard this year. Why not this one?

This is translation of my original Czech post Ideální nový formát pro kancelářské aplikace.

What does Methisto mean?

Nothing indeed, although Google gives you some results for methisto.

I have been called by nickname Met for almost fifteen years, but was taken already. I am big fun of Faust legend (also because I live in Prague where Faust's house still stands) and I have remembered Mephisto also called Mephistopheles, the devil from this legend. And so I have created name Methisto (although I am not devil nor character of any legend, at least I hope so 8-).

Small introduction

My name is Martin Hassman. I have studied biochemistry and I like it still, but I work as developer now with web as my main interest. Years ago I have participated on CZilla project (localization and evangelization of Mozilla product in Czech Republic).

I have two blogs in Czech (HTML456 specialized on HTML5 and personal, but from time to time I want to write something in English and this blog Methisto should be good place for it.

So have a fun.