Friday, August 10, 2007

What does Methisto mean?

Nothing indeed, although Google gives you some results for methisto.

I have been called by nickname Met for almost fifteen years, but was taken already. I am big fun of Faust legend (also because I live in Prague where Faust's house still stands) and I have remembered Mephisto also called Mephistopheles, the devil from this legend. And so I have created name Methisto (although I am not devil nor character of any legend, at least I hope so 8-).

Small introduction

My name is Martin Hassman. I have studied biochemistry and I like it still, but I work as developer now with web as my main interest. Years ago I have participated on CZilla project (localization and evangelization of Mozilla product in Czech Republic).

I have two blogs in Czech (HTML456 specialized on HTML5 and personal, but from time to time I want to write something in English and this blog Methisto should be good place for it.

So have a fun.

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